Produce Error-Free SQL Code Faster with a New Update of dbForge Tools for SQL Server

Jordan Sanders
1 min readJul 13, 2023

Devart has rolled out a number of updates across its entire dbForge for SQL Server product line. Mostly, these are new functions and operators that were introduced in SQL Server 2022.

Devart has released an update for dbForge Studio for SQL Server (v6.5), dbForge SQL Tools (v6.5), SQL Complete (v6.15), and dbForge Edge (v1.3). The update introduces the following:

  • Newly added support for the relational operators GENERATE_SERIES and OPENQUERY
  • Newly added support for the entire spectrum of bit manipulation functions, including LEFT_SHIFT, RIGHT_SHIFT, BIT_COUNT, GET_BIT, and SET_BIT
  • Two newly supported aggregate functions — APPROX_PERCENTILE_CONT and APPROX_PERCENTILE_DISC, both of which deal with returning values from a set of values in a group based on the provided percentile and sort specification
  • A newly supported date & time function DATETRUNC, which returns an input date truncated to a specified datepart

Additionally, there is a new modification that significantly enhances the speed of the schema comparison engine utilized in Source Control to describe scripts folders.

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