SSIS Data Flow Components 1.13 Now Support Dynamics CRM OAuth 2.0 Authentication

Jordan Sanders
2 min readJun 18, 2020


Devart released SSIS Data Flow Components 1.13 with support for Dynamics CRM OAuth 2.0 authentication and some other improvements.

Devart, a recognized vendor of world-class data connectivity solutions for various data connection technologies and frameworks, announced the release of SSIS Data Flow Components 1.13 with support of OAuth 2.0 authentication for Dynamics CRM and some improvements for other cloud sources and databases.

The new version of SSIS Data Flow Components for Dynamics CRM allows users to connect to Dynamics CRM using OAuth 2.0 authentication. They can perform web login to Dynamics CRM instead of specifying their user id and password in the connection settings. This also means that when users store an OAuth 2.0 connection in their SSIS package, an OAuth 2.0 refresh token is stored instead of user id and password.

The release also includes such enhancements as:

  • The new version of SSIS Components now support Dynamics CRM MultiSelect Option Set columns and PostgreSQL composite types;
  • SSIS Data Flow Components for Magento now can obtain and load order items information for sales orders, and thus, allow importing new sales orders into Magento 2.x;
  • Devart improved the web login process in SSIS Data Flow Components for BigQuery, allowing users to use the system default browser;
  • SSIS Data Flow Components for Mailchimp now support the Opened table, providing access to the information about subscribers who opened a campaign email.

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