The Great Improvement of dbForge SQL Complete v6.5

  • SQL Complete New Edition. The vendor expanded the range of SQL Complete editions with SQL Complete v6.5 Standard Edition. The special edition offers full Intelligent SQL Completion and T-SQL Formatting capabilities. However, for those users who need more, there’s still Professional Edition featuring advanced Productivity and Code Refactoring options as well as SQL Formatting command-line interface support.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio v18.5 integration. The Devart team strives to keep its finger on the pulse of software development, thus the new SQL Complete can now be easily integrated into the latest version of SSMS.
  • Suggest properties for built-in metadata functions. In SQL Complete v6.5, properties for built-in metadata functions (SERVERPROPERTY, FILEPROPERTY, DATABASEPROPERTYEX, etc) are now prompted, allowing users to make full use of the system catalog to find out more about a database.
  • Temporary tables suggestion. Based on user demand, Devart brings the suggestion of temporary tables variables and columns regardless of the database specified in the USE statement.
  • OPENJSON objects suggestion. SQL Complete v6.5 can now boast suggestions for SQL server objects when working with OPENJSON SQL Server table-valued function.



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Jordan Sanders

Jordan Sanders

PR Manager at Devart since 2010 | Obsessed with the promotion of database development optimization